The NATURALITY and FREEDOM of the Living Human | squaruu
And you can be natural not only at home in four walls?This desire to hide and catch your breath from other peoples expectations and demands, rather, speaks of your own limitations, which a person feels by following the rules prescribed by the social environment. They act in the consciousness of modern man, as a certain set of coercion: if the person himself did not agree first with himself, other peoples rules will pressure him.And as we know from the laws of physics: the force of pressure is equal to the strength of resistance. In this position, the House is perceived as a temporary shelter, giving the illusion of an intimate protected space where there is no place for other peoples rules. Yes, but ... when you were alone in the space of your home, are you free of your thoughts about .... and your experiences because of something?Do walls help you to become free, or are you isolated? From whom does man strive to be detached or isolated? The biggest picture with battles takes place in a house where we can not hide from family members; Trying to huddle into the far corner, creating silence for ourselves, we need this breath of freedom.Let us analyze a nice quotation, in which the formula of non-freedom is indicated, an addicted person who, as it were, persuades himself to be natural, but can not afford it ..So why do physical walls give only the illusion of security?Because a man splits as if in public: he controls words in public (and he does not feel very well about it); He looks unsuccessful, if he denotes his fatigue, he can not afford to be silent when he needs silence; He is always afraid of someone to offend his silence, then violate the social norms of the prosperous and upset those who look at him ...Pretense is taken for the norm of social behavior - thats where we all came! Pretense is the complete opposite of naturalness!In the mass consciousness, the NATURE of a living person is mistakenly identified with dissoluteness and the transition of borders, but if you think about it, the loss of control and naturalness in behavior can not be equated. Permission to be yourself - for many, this is still a luxury.


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