a muttered, glaring at the rusty lime-green car hood. ; Boys Mercurial Finale II IC Black Green White Indoor Soccer ShoeAre you lost?rdquo; The question came from a woman leaning on the open passenger-side window. Boys Mercurial Finale II IC Black Pink Sliver Indoor Soccer Shoe;Do you need help?rdquo;Yes, Marissa wanted to reply to both those questions. ;Marissa, is that really you?rdquo; Boys Mercurial Finale II IC Orange Indoor Soccer Shoethe woman asked.That was the question. Was Marissa really sitting there staring at her high school guidance counselor, Karen Griffith, who always described her as;smart and perkyrdquo;? Or had Marissa fallen into some kind of parallel universe? Was this all just a bad dream and shersquo;d wake up to find herself in her sleigh bed with her husbandhellip;her totally committed, non-adulterous husband?Not gonna happen, her in


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