ack her stuff for the week she was planning to stay in Virginia. ON FEET MENS NIKE LUNARLAUNCH BLACK WHITE TRAINERSThen she could figure out her next step. ;Hi.rdquo; Despite her five-foot-nine height plus stiletto sandals, she had to tilt her chin upward to address him directly.;Irsquo;m Kerri Wilson.rdquo;He held up a long, strong finger without turning to face her. ON FEET MENS NIKE LUNARLAUNCH BLUE WHITE TRAINERSIt had a small white scar running diagonally down the fleshy pad.;Gotta go. Wersquo;ll finish this later,rdquo; he said.The voice was low and matter-of-fact. But it intensified the sense of familiarity shersquo;d felt earlier and made her toes curl. Good lord. He couldrsquo;ve said,;I like eggs,rdquo; and her toes would still have scrunched up like shrimp tails.For godrsquo;s sake, Kerri, get a grip!In the last seven years, shersquo;d never sighed over


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